The Press Room Episode #138

Date 2013-09-15

0:01:40 It Sounded French-Canadian

What We’ve Been Playing
0:03:00 Rayman: Legends, Wii U(Rob)
0:14:05 Crysis, PC (Yoda)
0:21:10 Steamworld Dig, 3DS (Rob)
0:29:05 Yoda Takes Umbrage
0:31:55 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, SNES (Yoda)

0:42:05 Final Fantasy XIV

0:44:05 NPD
0:48:05 WoW Revenues Drop 54% in Seven Months

Yoda Calls Time Out
0:51:15 Disney Infinity: DLC The Game

More News
0:55:15 Gran Turismo 6 and 7 News
0:59:35 Xbox One to “castrate” PS4 development, developers suggest
1:02:35 Sony’s Hardware Announcements
1:13:58 Capcom? More like Capbomb!

Community Focus
1:19:22 Have you ever Kickstarted? Would you ever consider it?

1:29:28 Rob’s Dark Secret

Produced By Phil Fogg

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The Press Room Episode #137

Date 2013-05-18

Rob Van Matterhorn joins Yodariquo to resuscitate The Press Room podcast.
In this episode they talk about Persona 4, WWE 13, Injustice, Starcraft II, Solomon’s Key
2:05 Rob gives Persona 4 Impressions
6:30 Yodariquo gives WWE13 Impressions (and retro wrestling talk)
15:10 Rob gives Injustice (Wii U version) Impressions (and Injustice comic talk)
23:45 Yodariquo gives Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm impressions
29:40 Rob fills in the cracks with Solomon’s Key
35:45 Yoda give Dota II Beta impressions
42:55 Rob discusses what’s wrong with social gaming.
47:15 Rayman Legends Challenge Demo Ap impressions from Rob

51:22 NPD
57:55 Nintendo Direct
1:05:40 EA Drops Supoprt for Nintendo
1:09:00 Wii U is Crap – What about Bob?
1:12:50 Konami’s Castlevania Lord of Shadow is most successful game in franchise history.
1:15:45 Nintendo Hates Gay People
1:19:20 Invidia Shield Priced and Dated (sorta)
1:29:00 Gran Turismo 6
1:30:50 Phoenix Wright Going Digital Only

1:34:35 Community Focus

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The Press Room Episode #136

Date 2013-04-11

Tom “Foolz” Towers of and friend Aarny return to host the 136th episode of The Pressroom (while playing Left4Dead). On hand impressions of Left4Dead 2 (PC), God of War Collection (PS3), A Virus Named Tom (PC),
Demon Souls (PS3), Sly Cooper Collection (PS3), The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles (PC), Journey (PS3), The Ship (PC), Half-Life (PC), Antichamber (PC), Nickerpole (PC), Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (PC), Killzone 2 (PS3), Borderlands (PS3) and a Football gamegasm (soccer, sorry).

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The Press Room Episode #135

Date 2012-12-13

Derek “Yodariquo” and David “Dvader” return to host the 135th episode of The Pressroom.
Vader gives his hands-on impressions of Wii U and Vita as well as Nintendoland, Zombi U, Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Playstation All-Star Battle Royale and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Yoda gives us some Dota 2 and Starcraft II updates before breaking down the week’s news.

November NPD
2012 Spike Video Game Awards
Streetfighter X Mega Man
Crytek Cries About Next Gen Costs
The Last of Us Release Details
Germans Holding Back Nintendo in Europe

Community Focus
2:04:00 Borderlands 2 Blowout!!! (for Leo)


Intro Music by Nestrogen

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The Press Room Episode #134

Date 2012-11-11

Shane “Aspro” Kournikova, Derek “Yodariquo” and Tom “Foolz” Towers host the 134th episode of The Pressroom. We play Resident Evil 5 (PS3) during the podcast but also give impressions of WWE13 (PS3), Dota 2 (PC), Deadlight (PC), Hyperdimensia Mark II (PS3), Silent Hill: Shattered Dreams (PS2), Suikoden (PS1), Suikoden V (PS2), Rainbow Six (PS1/PC/N64) and Killzone 2 (PS3).

At the 49 minute mark a discussion of the definition of “art” and the public funding thereof takes place. This is not game related in any way. If you want to skip it, our regular discussion continues at the 1 hour and one minute mark*

Halo 4
THQ is Almost Dead
GTA V News
Video Game Journalism
At the 1:59 mark a discussion of parenting and child rearing takes place. This is not game related, so you can cut out at this point, though the conversation is interesting. Also, Yoda’s audio is pretty bad from this point on in the podcast*

Intro Music by Nestrogen
Outro Music by Spamtron
Aspro’s Ugly Shepard Blog I am Ryan Davis
Rothko Rothko’s Paintings

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