The Press Room Episode #63.0

Date 2010-06-06

Dvader from the United States joins DarthHomer from Australia and Yodariquo from Canada in a fast-moving discussion of gaming news.  Includes hands-on accounts of games like Super Mario Galaxy 2, 3D Dot Game Heroes, the 360’s Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption (Homer grows tired of it), Blur, Sam and Max: The Devils Playhouse, the Tomb of Sam and Max, Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects, Rooms DS and Picross 3D.


25:36 Infamous 2 Has Been Announced 
27:19 MotorStorm 3 Leaked? 
28:18 CAPCOM Reveals E3 Lineup 
29:07 SEGA Working on New Total War Game 
30:26 Red Faction: Armageddon Announced 
33:15 Dungeon Siege 3 Announced 

34:39 Square Enix Announced New Third-Person Shooter 
38:09 Mikami’s New Game, Vanquish 
40:06 New Sonic Game 
44:22 New “Contra” 

46:03 GoldenEye Wii leaked 
49:19 3DS near-360 visuals? 
53:45 Database of Stolen Gaming Accounts Uncovered 
55:03 Piracy costs gaming lots of money, CESA Guesses 

Community Focus:
E3 Predictions 

Running Time: 1:19:05
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The Press Room Episode #61.0

Date 2010-05-24

In this week’s podcast Yodariquo, DarthHomer and Aspro talk about the latest gaming news and give first hand accounts of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Hotel Dusk, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, Yakuza 3, Dead Space Extraction, Dead Space, That’s So Raven, Red Dead Redemption, 3D Dot Game Heroes and Alan Wake.

43:28 Killzone 3 is Going to Happen 
46:35 Ubisoft News

49:55 SMG Composer Gives Full Original Sound Track on YouTube 
50:43 Allard Likely Out At Microsoft 
53:06 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Launches, 98 metacritic 
55:59 Online-Passes For Used Games
1:01:43 CHL (Canadian Hockey League) Coming to NHL11 


1:03:23 Sony’s Rob Dyer Lets Loose

1:09:24 PSP2 Rumours 

1:11:29 Rockstar on Parents 
1:12:42 Epic on PC development 

Running Time: 1:20:03
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The Press Room Episode #35.0

Date 2009-11-08

darthhomer is back once again to lead in Dvader and Yodariquo on a slow news, but big game release week.


(39:13) No Doubt sues Activision over Band Hero use

(41:24) 3D Dot Game Heroes possible on Xbox 360


(42:58) 3D Dot Game Heroes includes Link clone on bonus disc

(47:54) Little Big Planet sequel would be “counter-productive”

(49:07) New Super Mario Bros. Wii reviews

(49:51) Dragon Age: Origins reviews


(54:35) Gamers sue Sony over alleged firmware brickings

(59:01) WiiWare demos may be on the way

(1:00:30) Baby and Me baby peripheral game

(1:01:30) WiiWaa plush toy peripheral game

We Be Trollin’

(1:04:50) Need Help for Christmas

(1:05:41) NfS Porsche: 3D setup.exe won’t start!

(1:06:02) what games developer would you like to work for

(1:07:49) Where the hell is the Twilight video game?

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The Press Room Episode #34.0

Date 2009-11-01

It’s the 1-year anniversary of The VG Press! What better way to do it than with a podcast? It’s Yodariquo, Foolz and Dvader.


(37:30) DSi XL announced with larger screen

(39:53) GoldenEye 2010 listed on animator’s CV

(44:22) Modern Warfare 2 contraversy


(53:42) FIFA 10 sells 1.7 million in first week in Europe

(54:34) Capcom profits increase 58%

(56:28) Iwata says price drop effective


(57:48) “3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 is DEFINITELY coming to NA!”

(58:50) 3D Dot Game Heroes scores 30/40 in Famitsu

(59:44) Insomniac not doing any more 60FPS games

I Be Trollin’

(1:04:40) Do You Think Brawl is a Fighting Game?

Pachter Watch!

(1:09:33) Sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii will “shock” you

Community Focus

(1:16:20) The VG Press Hall of Fame

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