The Press Room Episode #103

Date 2012-03-02

Shane (Aspro) and Tom (Foolz) are back to host the 103rd episode of The Pressroom. They are joined by Jamie (Darthhomer) and David (dvader) and give their first hand impressions of the Sony Vita, SSX (PS3), Binary Domain (PS3), Mass Effect (360), Mass Effect 2 (PS3), Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass (PC), Prey (360), Lumines (Vita), Hot Shots Golf World Invitational (Vita) Uncharted (Vita) and Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend (Vita).

1:20:41 Nagoshi Becomes SEGAs CCO
1:22:58 Assassin’s Creed 4 is Indian America
1:26:58 Japanese Should Stick to Japanese Games
1:34:57 Mass Effect Controversy
1:40:00 Pachter: Nintendo in Disarray

Running Time: 1:58:00 (Show ends at 1:51)
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The Press Room Episode #56.0

Date 2010-04-10

DarthHomer and Foolz returns with Yodariquo to talk about such games as God of War 3, Yakuza 3, Pokemon SoulSilver, BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, Vagrant Story, Ogre Battle 64, Batman: Arkham Asylum, FIFA X and Rush’n Attack.

20:42 Pokemon Name Revealed 
23:14 Konami Gamer’s Day (Google it)
28:15 Metal Gear Madness
35:19 Gears 3 Dated 

36:37 Asteroids Record Beaten by John McAllistar 
38:43 No More Heroes 3 Revealed 
39:57 Madworld Sales Retrospective  (Wired Article
43:09 Kojima Goes Console Agnostic 
45:01 PS3 Owner Gets Reimbursed for Functionality Removal 

48:34 Ubi’s DRM to Evolve and Improve 
49:50 Nintendo Co-producing Xenoblade 
51:19 Sony Update Bricking PS3s? 
53:48 Pacther Predicts Decent Red Steel 2 Sales, Great MH2 Sales 

EXPLICIT TAG: Jamie does his blue material after the 1 hour mark.

Running Time: 1:04:39
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