The Press Room Episode #94

Date 2011-05-06

Aspro, Dvader and Foolz tell us about their experiences with Mortal Kombat (PS3), Vanquish (PS3), Portal 2 (PS3), DarkSector (PS3), Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PC) and Yakuza (PS2) before getting into the gaming news of the week.

24:19 Sony PSN Outage Update
30:48 Wii Price Drop and “Greatest Hits” Line of Games
31:43 New Assassin’s Creed Game
32:19 Mass Effect Pushed Into 2012
33:15 Guardian Heroes Coming to XBLA

34:02 Hand of Od Has Been Revived
34:55 Farcry 3 in Production?
35:37 No Sequel to Super Meat Boy
36:25 Duke Nukem PC Requirements

Community Focus
VGP Game Club Returns

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