The Press Room Episode #127

Date 2012-08-23

Shane “Aspro” and David “Dvader” return to host the 127th episode of The Pressroom. Hands-on Impressions of NSMB2 (3DS), Darksiders II (PS3), Mass Effect 3 (360),
Nintendo Power ceases publication after 24 years
Square May Be Teasing New World Ends With You Game
Kinect Price Dropped to $110 in US
Iwata: Handheld Market Not Shrinking
Steam Launching “Big Picture Mode”
OnLive Survives, Questions Remain
PS3 and Vita Cross Buy potential is ‘limited’, Sony admits
Sony closes Wipeout’s Studio Liverpool
Ars Reviews 3DS XL Hardware
BioWare Surveying for Dragon Age III
EA Boss Moore Says BioWare is Still “Great”
Yuji Naka Making Digimon Game
Major Nintendo Wii U press event in NYC on Sept 13
Last Week’s Japanese Sales

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The Press Room Episode #126

Date 2012-08-16

Shane “Aspro” and David “Dvader” return to host the 126th episode of The Pressroom. Big Gamescom coverage this week as well as hands-on impressions of Darksiders II (PS3), Sound Shapes (PS3), Borderlands (PS3) and Mass Effect 3 (PS3).

Sony Announces Crossbuy
DQ10 sells only 70K in week 2
Full Sony Conference summary
Gears of War Studio Loses Key Staff
Capcom Gamescom Summary”
PC Gamer Reviews Binary Domain PC
CoD Black Ops 2 has multiplayer, who gives a shit
Gamasutra: Has Call of Duty Peaked?
Metal Gear Revengeance Dated

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The Press Room Episode #86

Date 2011-02-12

Foolz and Dvader put together a tandem show, discussing Mass Effect 2, Darksiders, Klonoa 2, and Mark Ecko’s Getting Up:Contents Under Pressure. Also covered is the belated PSP2 news and impressions, Sony suing anything and everything, and the top 5 versions of stuff, care of robio.

24:00 Sony Announces NGP (PSP2)
35:50 Activision kills Guitar Hero
39:53 Sony Sues the World
41:35 LG Starts Patent Lawsuit War with Sony
42:40 Dark Souls announced with trailer

45:55 Activision to create Call of Duty “Digital Platform”
48:40 Bulletstorm – Not Call of Duty
50:45 Australian Game Sales Down
52:32 3DS Pricing in Australia – $349.99

Community Focus
53:50 Top 5 Classic Arcade Games (80s)
Top 5 Old Guys in Video Games
Top 5 Bald Dudes in Gaming
Top 5 SquareSoft Games
Top 5 Clowns in Video Games

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The Press Room Episode #50.0

Date 2010-02-28

At the start of this podcast we have another entry in Yodariquo’s interview series. If you’d like to skip ahead and come back to it, the show in the regular format starts at 27:13.

Our Golden 50th Anniversary show features DarthHomer, Dvader, Yodariquo, Foolz and special guest Iga_Bobovic who talk about such games as, Heavy Rain, Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, Darksiders, Linear Maps of Matrices, FIFA X, Red Orchestra, AC Trailer, Auto Crane and Endless Ocean 2.



(42:07) Nintendo Summits in Australia, Europe and the USA

(44:43) Metroid: Other M Update


(50:46) Release Dates for DSi XL

(51:18) Cave Story Release Date & Other General Discussion of Nintendo’s Summit.

(53:00) More Metroid Musings

(59:30) Worms on PC

(1:00:44) Pleasure in the Palm of Your Hand

Dvader II

(1:03:50) Yakuza 3 Western Edits

(1:08:09) RE5 Alternative Top Japanese Weekly Charts


(1:09:17) Jaffe and Reviews

(1:14:06) Super Street Fighter IV pre-order bonuses

(1:15:38) Most Expensive Games

(1:17:18) Itagaki and Tecmo settlement

(1:17:38) 76 Wii Games Selling a Million



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The Press Room Episode #47.0

Date 2010-02-07

Foolz, DarthHomer and Yodariquo return to talk about the following games: Mass Effect 2, Forza 3, Spider Man: Web of Shadows, Darksiders, Dragon Age, Aliens vs. Predator, Heavy Rain, FIFA 10, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Dark Void Zero and Pokemon Rumble.



(38:15) GTA Episodes Released to other consoles

(39:58) LA Noir Update

(41:31) The Who Superbowl

(43:22) EB Take a Stance on R18+

(46:33) Yakuza CE


(48:26) Sonic 4

(52:37) Rumour: Sonic in Super Mario Galaxy 2

(55:35) Bayonetta Sells Over a Million

(55:52) SEGA releases all its old games again


(57:28) Blaster Master

(58:33) Grinder multiplat, coming 2011

(1:00:11) Wii Injuries

(1:01:36) Could Pachter be right about new Nintendo console?

(1:03:00) Overkill Cheap

(1:04:15) White Knight Chronicles review watch

(1:05:58) Dante’s DLC Hell

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