The Press Room Episode #71.0

Date 2010-08-23

DVader and Yoda man the podcast station this week to talk about the latest in gaming news and also give their hands-on accounts of such gaming gems as The Legacy of Kain Series and… um some movies.. like The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World!


20:37 Sony Shows GT5 at Gamescom
26:39 Rachet & Clank Co-Op Game
27:40 Resistance 3 Revealed
29:18 Metroid Live Action Commercial
31:10 LBP Will Have Full Music Editor
34:06 Devil May Cry 5 Will Be Developed by Capcom
35:49 Ancel Says Beyond Good and Evil Still In the Works
37:14 Sonic 4 Will Be “Awesome”

38:51 New PSP2 Awesome!
43:45 No Steam on Linux
44:32 UK Slams Square for False Advertising
48:38 THQ Announce Drawing Tablet for Wii

Running Time: 2:03:05

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