The Press Room Episode #87

Date 2011-02-26

It’s an Aussie show, with Foolz and Darthhomer covering the dry well of news, along with plenty of games, including Back to the Future: Episode 1
Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, de Blob 2, HomeFront, and WWE All-Stars.


28:05 Nintendo of Australia drops 3DS info
29:58 Last Guardian blowout
32:10 Sony declares PSN home to the worst game ever

35:24 TopWare is the new Eidos
40:35 Artist creates bowling game controlled by kissing

Community Focus
45:30 Travo gets a PS3 and a turd nugget of games!
48:40 Get well Leo!

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The Press Room Episode #54.0

Date 2010-03-27

After a Beckian introduction Foolz, DarthHomer and Yodariquo return to talk about such games as, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Dragon Age Origins, Yakuza 3, Pokemon Soul Silver, XBLA Game Room, Hotel Dusk, Batman: Arkham Asylum, PES 10, KORG DS-10 Plus, Mass Effect and Killing Floor.

PachterWatch also returns this week.  


35:00 Mark McDonald Reveals Nintendo’s 3DS [Do you really need a link?]
39:40 Sony Chimes in on 3DS (It’s for babies)
40:32 PachterComment on 3DS
43:53 Michael Atkinson’s Replacement (Australian Anti-Gaming Guru).
45:47 Counterstrike Hacker Stabbed Through Head

47:36 EA’s DRM Failure
49:47 Ubisoft Gives Free Games to Apologize for DRM Glitch
50:39 Activision Clarifies DLC and Morale

54:45 Penny Arcade Adventures Series Over
56:53 Pilot Wings on VC
57:55 Heavy Rain to Support Move
59:23 Rare to define Natal
1:00:40 Miyamoto Blames Quality for Bad Sales
1:04:12 PachterWatch

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The Press Room Episode #42.0

Date 2010-01-03

Foolz and Dvader report live from the apocalyptic bunker. Only the most inhuman, heartless and cruel could ever hope to brave the outside to join them.


(15:33) Media Create sales for Dec 21 – Dec 27

(21:04) Gaming Outlet GOTY Winners


(26:30) Historians rebuilding Atari chips

(28:50) Dragon Age exansion appears likely for March

(30:44) Re-releases killing retro game market

(34:05 – 37:39) Intermission: The Galop – Offenbach – Orpheus in the Underworld

(37:40) SEGA stunned by EA’s failure to sell Dead Space Extraction

(43:07) Predictions for the next decade

(51:30) Special Guest

(54:23) Half-Life 2 with Natal video leaked

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The Press Room Episode #35.0

Date 2009-11-08

darthhomer is back once again to lead in Dvader and Yodariquo on a slow news, but big game release week.


(39:13) No Doubt sues Activision over Band Hero use

(41:24) 3D Dot Game Heroes possible on Xbox 360


(42:58) 3D Dot Game Heroes includes Link clone on bonus disc

(47:54) Little Big Planet sequel would be “counter-productive”

(49:07) New Super Mario Bros. Wii reviews

(49:51) Dragon Age: Origins reviews


(54:35) Gamers sue Sony over alleged firmware brickings

(59:01) WiiWare demos may be on the way

(1:00:30) Baby and Me baby peripheral game

(1:01:30) WiiWaa plush toy peripheral game

We Be Trollin’

(1:04:50) Need Help for Christmas

(1:05:41) NfS Porsche: 3D setup.exe won’t start!

(1:06:02) what games developer would you like to work for

(1:07:49) Where the hell is the Twilight video game?

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