The Press Room Episode #59.0

Date 2010-04-30

In this week’s podcast Yodariquo, Dvader, Foolz and Igabobovic (with guest appearance of Freehostgator) talk about such games as Endless Ocean 2, Castlevania 3, Heavy Rain, FIFA X, Raving Rabbids Go Home and then get to the gaming news of the week (in addition to an audio recording of a gangban. (That’s Gang-BAN).



16:06 Black Wii is Still Coming

17:10 Bungie Teaming with Activision

24:21 Sony Faces Class Action Lawsuit

31:25 Videogames and the Media


42:34 Halo 2 Still Going

43:00 Wii Price Drop For Aus/NZ

45:58 RZA Doing mo-cap for DJ Hero 2

48:00 Surfer Girl 360 Rumours


51:00 Treyarch Announces Call of Duty: Black Ops


55:34 Force Unleashed 2 Announced

59:30 Red Steel 3 Kerfuffle

1:06:25 Castlevania HD – IGA CONFIRMS! (that it is fake)

Running Time: 1:22:39

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The Press Room Episode #57.0

Date 2010-04-16

While DarthHomer and Yodariquo take a spell, Dvader, Foolz and Igabobovic stitch together a podcast and talk about NPD, Games as Art and such games as Final Fantasy 13, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rabbids Go Home, RedSteel 2, Boom Blox 2, Endless Ocean 2, Okami,

NOTE: On this week’s podcast there are some audio quality issues with Iga’s track, though it does get better as the cast goes on.

23:49 Blazblue to PC 
24:28 No More Free Demos 
26:05 Sony not going to offer PS3 Refunds 
28:25 Deus Ex 3’s Distinctive Art 
29:02 Gen 1 Xbox Live Over 
30:37 MGS 2 on Japanese Virtual Console 

31:30 NPD (Google it)
42:00 General Discussion of Red Steel 2’s Commercial Failure.
43:00 General Discussion of Third-Party Sales on Wii

41:10 X-Com Returns to Gaming…as an FPS

53:33 Gears of War 3 Trailer

55:27 Demons’ Soul’s is Coming to Europe 

58:19 Devil May Cry 5 May Be Made By Losers Who Made Heavenly Sword 
59:39 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pictures and News 
1:03:17 Phantom Leo Says the Black Wii is Coming (Might not want to google that)
1:04:19 Games as Art Discussion

Running Time: 1:12:21
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The Press Room Episode #50.0

Date 2010-02-28

At the start of this podcast we have another entry in Yodariquo’s interview series. If you’d like to skip ahead and come back to it, the show in the regular format starts at 27:13.

Our Golden 50th Anniversary show features DarthHomer, Dvader, Yodariquo, Foolz and special guest Iga_Bobovic who talk about such games as, Heavy Rain, Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, Darksiders, Linear Maps of Matrices, FIFA X, Red Orchestra, AC Trailer, Auto Crane and Endless Ocean 2.



(42:07) Nintendo Summits in Australia, Europe and the USA

(44:43) Metroid: Other M Update


(50:46) Release Dates for DSi XL

(51:18) Cave Story Release Date & Other General Discussion of Nintendo’s Summit.

(53:00) More Metroid Musings

(59:30) Worms on PC

(1:00:44) Pleasure in the Palm of Your Hand

Dvader II

(1:03:50) Yakuza 3 Western Edits

(1:08:09) RE5 Alternative Top Japanese Weekly Charts


(1:09:17) Jaffe and Reviews

(1:14:06) Super Street Fighter IV pre-order bonuses

(1:15:38) Most Expensive Games

(1:17:18) Itagaki and Tecmo settlement

(1:17:38) 76 Wii Games Selling a Million



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DarthHomer’s other podcast:

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The Press Room Episode #36.0

Date 2009-11-15

NPD week! Dvader is absent :( But we have the other usuals with Darthhomer in the hosting chair along with Foolz and Yodariquo. Now what’s that sound?


(36:16) October 2009 NPD numbers

(55:40) Activision replaces Bond with new actor

(57:57) Dynamic Slash and Hotel Dusk 2

(1:00:14) Final Fantasy XIII gets official North American release date

(1:01:16) Resident Evil 5 Alternate Edition will be DLC in North America


(1:02:12) Pokemon Rumble announced

(1:02:55) Paint program coming to DSiWare

(1:03:33) Pizza Delivery Boy coming to Wii

(1:04:30) Keroro RPG announced

(1:05:21) Sony sued by blind gamer for not accomodating


(1:07:35) Endless Ocean 2 confirmed for Australian release

(1:08:20) Facebook for PS3 confirmed

(1:09:12) Motorbikes possible for Gran Turismo 5

(1:10:39) Darthhomer’s entry

Yodariquo’s entry

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