The Press Room Episode #100

Date 2011-08-09

It’s our 100th Maniversary! Yodariquo, Foolz and Dvader remember the good times, talk about the gaming news of the week and give hands-on impressions of Breakfast (LARP), Dr. Maybe & the Adventures of Scary Girl (PS3), Limbo (PS3), Worms (PS3), Beyond Good and Evil HD (PS3), Fallout 3: New Vegas (PS3), Epic Mickey (Wii), Starcraft II (PC), Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3) and Swords and Soldiers (PC).

37:54 More Wii Games Added to Buget Line
39:38 Skyrim Boss Says Games Are Too Expensive
41:40 Hirai Says No Vita in 2011 for West
42:54 Sony Buys Sucker Punch
44:33 Games Pulled in Response to Norway Slaying
46:15 3DS Price Drop
1:01:57 Team Bondi in Trouble?
1:03:56 PachterWatch!
1:10:53 Nintendo Updates Lifetime Sales Numbers
1:13:55 Resistance 3 Going Down Under
1:15:59 Rage Has 22 GB Install on 360 (Optional)
1:16:37 GTA Causes London Riots
1:18:03 Pirates Have Good Taste
1:19:56 Take2 Sales & Profits Down
1:21:09 Bioshock Infinate Development Process

Community Watch
1:26:43 Iga’s Sacred Cow Abatoir

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The Press Room Episode #99

Date 2011-07-26

DarthHomer returns to talk with Yodariquo and Foolz about Uncharted 3 Beta (PS3), Akinator (PC/Mobile), Starcraft II (PC), Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3), Duke Nukem Forever (PC), Fallout 3: New Vegas (PC), Bastion (360), Some Harry Potter Shooting Game, Ocarina of Time (3DS), Proun (PC), Worms (PS3), Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3), WipeOut HD (PS3) and Call of Juarez: The Cartel (PS360) before going into the game news of the week (and a special search term of the week section).

43:38 Capcom Cancels Mega Man Legends 3
45:28 Capcom Europe PR Guy Melts Down
49:37 Capcom Unveils Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
54:18 Capcom Shows off Street Fighter x Tekken
55:55 Capcom Shows Logo for RE6
57:20 RE HD Dated
58:28 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 News
59:42 You Want Majora? Beg.
1:01:34 Starfox 64 3DS Dated
1:03:47 Wii U Gamecube Compatibility
1:07:26 Wu Fit Clan
1:10:41 Sony Responds to 3D Glasses Complaints

Community Focus
Rocket Racooon & Downloadable Game Appreciation

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The Press Room Episode #98

Date 2011-07-21

Notorious cokehead Yodariquo returns to talk with Dvader about Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D (3DS), Fallout 3: New Vegas (PS3), Deus Ex (PC), Starcraft II (PC), Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (PS3) and Resident Evil 5 (PS3) before breaking down the news of the world…

46:09 NPD
58:12 Best Selling Third-Part Wii Game hits 14 million copies
59:50 Final Fantasy 3 (Jp6) Hits Virtual Console
1:00:43 Rockstar Was Working on Another DS Game?
1:00:38 Microsoft registers
1:02:24 Burnout Crash
1:04:17 Legend of Paper Zelda TEH SCOOP
1:05:53 FAIL… FAIL… FAIL…
1:10:32 Project Rainfall
1:14:39 Sony Supporting HDMI for Games in New PS3
1:15:47 Ubisoft’s Online Pass
1:18:24 New Nights Game? (Probably not)
1:20:00 Doritos Sex Story
1:22:22 Man Beats Dragon Quest 9 in 773 hours

Community Focus
1:25:26 Geek’s I really respect Sony Thread

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