The Press Room Episode #110

Date 2012-04-27

Tom (Foolz) Towers and Shane (Aspro) host the 110th episode of The Pressroom. In this news-centric episode we briefly give hands-on impressions of some games, but that’s really not that important. Most of it is awesome discussion and news. But if you must know, we talk about Full Auto (360), Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3) and Turok:Dinosaur Hunter (N64).

Zack and Wiki 2?
Walking Dead Won’t Go Down Under
Mikami’s New Game “Zwei”
Wii U Rumours.
Crytek Has Direct X 11-like Graphics on HD COnsoles
Xenoblade/graphics/JRPGs suck & Warren Spectre is a Nintendo Fanboy

Community Focus
What are your Pump-Me-Up Songs?
Greatest Movie Themes Playoffs
A very Festivus-like Airing of Grievances toward Nintendo.

Running Time: 1:17:03
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