The Press Room Episode #115

Date 2012-05-30

Guest hosts Rob (Robio) Matterhorn, David (Dvader) and Shane (Aspro) fill in for’s Tom Towers to host the 115th episode of The Pressroom. Hands-on impressions of Minecraft (360), Game of Thrones (PS3), Witcher 2 (360), Dead Space 2 (PS3), Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (PS3), and L.A. Noire (PS3).

Sony to show streaming service at E3, probably Gaikai
Diablo 3 sells 6.3 million copies
38 studios lays off all employees, big huge games too
Trip Hawkins Fails Again
Activision paid out $493M in bonuses
MS Talks 360 Lifetime Sales, Revenues

Community Focus
Is 2012 The Worst Year for Games in a While?

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