The Press Room Episode #51.0

Date 2010-03-07

Yodariquo with Dvader and Foolz to cover a hectic week of pre-GDC news.


(22:02) Playstation 3 Judgment Day

(35:19) Ubisoft’s DRM cracked and Authentication servers go down

(43:02) New Nvidia drivers kill video cards

(45:03) Activision terminates Infinity Ward heads, gets sued

(48:33) New Call of Duty for everyone and everything


(52:20) Final Fantasy XIII reviews come out

(57:22) Portal 2 announced for holiday 2010

(59:54) Famitsu interview provides Vanquish details

(1:01:23) Further Sonic the Hedgehog 4 details

(1:02:10) SOCOM 4 announced


(1:03:44) Cing files for bankruptcy

(1:06:43) Sexual orientation monickers now permitted for Xbox Live

(1:08:15) Matsuno is not working on Last Story

(1:09:44) Venezuela Bans Videogames

(1:12:32) Prince of Persia coming to PC a month late

(1:13:50) New Lara Croft game to be digital download

Community Focus

(1:15:05) Why are we still missing so many classic games as downloads?



Intro Music by Nestrogen

Outro Music by Spamtron

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