The Press Room Episode #82

Date 2010-12-02

Yodariquo, Dvader, Darth Homer and Aspro perform a square dance of gaming perspectives and news for the 82nd Episode of The Press Room. First hand impressions of Golden Sun (DS), Kinect, Gran Turismo 5 (PS3), Pac-Man CE DX (XBLA), A Boy and his Blob (Wii), Oblivion (360), Super Mario Sunshine (GC), Murumasa (Wii), GoldenEye 007 (Wii), NBA JAM HD, Persona 3 Portable (PSP), and Sonic Colors (Wii) are given in the show.

56:02 343 Making Halo: Combat Evolved HD?
59:00 Yakuza Producer With New Robot Game “Binary Domain”

63:50 Judge Throws 360 Modding Case Out of Court

68:20 Black Friday Sales Numbers/ Discussion of Motion
78:41 Cock Out – Perverse Penis Game (For a Good Cause)

Community Focus:
Platforming Games Dead?
Homer’s Blog

Running Time: 90 minutes
Approximate Size: ~36 MB
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The Press Room Episode #80

Date 2010-11-15

Yodariquo and Aspro give first hand impressions of GoldenEye 007 (Wii), Dragon Quest IV (DS), Crackdown (360) and Too Human (360) before getting into the news of the week.

45:15 GT5 Dated!
47:16 NBA Elite 11 Cancelled
49:59 Nintendo Will Bring Un-released DS games to US
52:37 Dragon Quest 6 Cancelled?>
54:46 Nintendo has QA Approval? Since When?

58:08 Wii Exclusive Sonic Colors Opens With Good Reviews
59:59 Call of Duty: Black Ops News
63:45 Kinect News

Community Focus:
Does culture play a part in game development?

Running Time: 78:15
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The Press Room Episode #68.0

Date 2010-07-18

Yodariquo and Dvader give hand-on impressions of Jam Sessions 2 (DS) before going into the news of the week, NPD Analysis and a special movie reviews of Interception and Toy Story 3.

5:29 June NPD
27:10 Rockstar /2K Layoffs
32:07 Mega Man Universe Trailer
36:02 New James Bond Game
39:13 Sunsoft Virtual Console Games

40:00 Playstation Move SKUs detailed
43:21 Mark Rein Strikes Again
45:53 Tim Schafer on Bobby Kotick
47:12 The World’s Stupidest Solution to Piracy

Community Focus:
Nintendo Downloads for 7/19/10
Movie of the Year Picks

Approximate Running Time: 1:22:01
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The Press Room Episode #63.0

Date 2010-06-06

Dvader from the United States joins DarthHomer from Australia and Yodariquo from Canada in a fast-moving discussion of gaming news.  Includes hands-on accounts of games like Super Mario Galaxy 2, 3D Dot Game Heroes, the 360’s Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption (Homer grows tired of it), Blur, Sam and Max: The Devils Playhouse, the Tomb of Sam and Max, Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects, Rooms DS and Picross 3D.


25:36 Infamous 2 Has Been Announced 
27:19 MotorStorm 3 Leaked? 
28:18 CAPCOM Reveals E3 Lineup 
29:07 SEGA Working on New Total War Game 
30:26 Red Faction: Armageddon Announced 
33:15 Dungeon Siege 3 Announced 

34:39 Square Enix Announced New Third-Person Shooter 
38:09 Mikami’s New Game, Vanquish 
40:06 New Sonic Game 
44:22 New “Contra” 

46:03 GoldenEye Wii leaked 
49:19 3DS near-360 visuals? 
53:45 Database of Stolen Gaming Accounts Uncovered 
55:03 Piracy costs gaming lots of money, CESA Guesses 

Community Focus:
E3 Predictions 

Running Time: 1:19:05
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The Press Room Episode #36.0

Date 2009-11-15

NPD week! Dvader is absent :( But we have the other usuals with Darthhomer in the hosting chair along with Foolz and Yodariquo. Now what’s that sound?


(36:16) October 2009 NPD numbers

(55:40) Activision replaces Bond with new actor

(57:57) Dynamic Slash and Hotel Dusk 2

(1:00:14) Final Fantasy XIII gets official North American release date

(1:01:16) Resident Evil 5 Alternate Edition will be DLC in North America


(1:02:12) Pokemon Rumble announced

(1:02:55) Paint program coming to DSiWare

(1:03:33) Pizza Delivery Boy coming to Wii

(1:04:30) Keroro RPG announced

(1:05:21) Sony sued by blind gamer for not accomodating


(1:07:35) Endless Ocean 2 confirmed for Australian release

(1:08:20) Facebook for PS3 confirmed

(1:09:12) Motorbikes possible for Gran Turismo 5

(1:10:39) Darthhomer’s entry

Yodariquo’s entry

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