The Press Room Episode #48.0

Date 2010-02-14

Yodariquo leads on Dvader and Foolz on a trek through Dragon Age, Blaster Master Overdrive, My Life as a Dark Lord, and Disaster Day of Crisis.  Featuring NPD January 2010!


(37:00) NPD January 2010

(48:40) First details of LA Noire

(52:18) Barry and Rebecca to appear in RE5 DLC

(53:48) Darksiders manual code secret revealed


(56:10) Perfect Dark XBLA Footage and Info

(57:20) First Halo Reach footage and screens

(59:24) Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII bundle

(1:00:33) Fable 3 Joystiq impressions

(1:04:52) Dead Rising DLC exclusive to Xbox 360

(1:06:30) Nintendo Summit initial details

(1:08:40) Nintendo sending review copies digitally

(1:11:30) NBA Jam may appear on PSN and XBLA

(1:13:37) Netflix VP downplays Netflix HD

(1:16:06) Alan Wake cancelled for PC


(1:17:33) Nippon Ichi profits plummet

(1:21:05) Judge denies dismissal of lawsuit against EA in NCAA suit

(1:23:21) 99% of Australians support 18+ rating

(1:27:10) Wii once again having supply issues

(1:29:30) Activision Blizzard closes down Red Octane

(1:32:53) Konami releases the first trailer for the soon-to-be greatest game of all-time

(1:44:27) Old Command & Conquer games made free for download


(1:45:36) Yoda pushes the world into an alternate reality with a single post

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The Press Room Episode #40.0

Date 2009-12-13

Yodariquo takes on a world not meant for dreamers. Dvader joins the struggle, Foolz as well. And SteelAttack makes a heroic return.


(41:35) NPD November 2009

(57:55) Spike VGA 2009 results

(1:17:05) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed announced

(1:18:38) Batman Arkham Asylum 2 announced

(1:21:22) Medal of Honor debut trailer

(1:22:35) Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands debut trailer

(1:24:14) TRON Evolution trailer

(1:26:30) Green Day Rockband announced

(1:28:25) Spec Ops: The Line trailer

(1:32:14) Halo Reach “trailer”

(1:33:19) Deadliest Warrior: The Game

(1:34:40) True Crime returns

(1:37:00) Dead Space 2 unveiled

(1:44:55) Mega-man 10 announced

(1:46:22) GameInformer Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers review


(1:48:29) Sakura Wars to have rip-off localization

(1:49:55) Apple counter-sues Nokia

(1:50:50) Datel DSi Speaker


(1:54:00) Mass Effect 2 voice actors

(1:56:48) Final Fantasy XIII video and audio compressed

(1:59:42) Sony still losing money on PS3

(2:00:43) Japan weekly sales from Nov 30 – Dec 6

(2:03:36) EA going after Call of Duty

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