The Press Room Episode #103

Date 2012-03-02

Shane (Aspro) and Tom (Foolz) are back to host the 103rd episode of The Pressroom. They are joined by Jamie (Darthhomer) and David (dvader) and give their first hand impressions of the Sony Vita, SSX (PS3), Binary Domain (PS3), Mass Effect (360), Mass Effect 2 (PS3), Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass (PC), Prey (360), Lumines (Vita), Hot Shots Golf World Invitational (Vita) Uncharted (Vita) and Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend (Vita).

1:20:41 Nagoshi Becomes SEGAs CCO
1:22:58 Assassin’s Creed 4 is Indian America
1:26:58 Japanese Should Stick to Japanese Games
1:34:57 Mass Effect Controversy
1:40:00 Pachter: Nintendo in Disarray

Running Time: 1:58:00 (Show ends at 1:51)
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Intro Music by Nestrogen
News Intro by sci
Outro Music by Spamtron

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