The Press Room Episode #122

Date 2012-07-16

Tom “Foolz” Towers and Shane “Aspro” Kardasian host the 122nd episode of The Pressroom. Besides the news we talk about the average retail experience in Australia and also give hands-on impressions of Rayman: Origins (PS3), Trine (PC), Kingdom Hearts (PS2), Borderlands (PS3) and Killzone 2 (PS3).

41:02Ouya Continues to Break Funding Records
44:56Photos of New PS3 Emerge
47:26Developer Defends U’s Power
51:15 Discussion of Australian Game Retailing
57:22Deadpool Game Confirmed (We demonstrate our utter ignorance—shamelessly).
59:08Grand Theft Auto 5 Screens
1:00:573DS Will Be Sold at Profit
1:03:22EA Would Love to Publish Amalur 2
1:04:42Halo 4 Bundle Shown
1:06:47Anarchy Reigns Bombs in Japan
1:10:54June NPD
1:15:08Sonic Adventure 2 HD
1:15:20Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection Announced
1:16:36Gears of War: Judgment Dated
1:16:42Pathetic New Releases

Community Focus
Hobo CUPdate
If Not Gaming Then What?
Opinion Buddy System

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The Press Room Episode #121

Date 2012-07-11

Shane “Aspro” and Derek “Yodariquo” host the 121st episode of The Pressroom. We give a wrap of the week’s news along with hands-on impressions of Dragon’s Dogma (PS3), Skyrim (PS3), Kingdom Hearts (PS2), Team Fortress 2 (PC), Tribes: Ascend (PC) and Starcraft 2 (PC).

25 Top Critically Received 360 Games
$99 Android Console Gets Kickstarted
Sony Buys Gaikai
Activision/ Blizzard Up For Sale
Insane Driving Wheel for PS3/Move
Penny Arcade Begs, Is Rebuked
Angry Birds

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The Press Room Episode #75

Date 2010-09-22

DVader, Aspro and DarthHomer give first hand accounts of such games as Vanquish (PS3), Valkyria Chronicles 2, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP), Prof. Layton 3 (DS), Tales of Vesperia (360), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii), SimCity 3000 (PC), The World Ends With You (DS) and Chili Con Carnage (PSP) before going on to hit the latest news of the week.

45:38 3DS Hardware Details Revealed
50:52 Capcom Profits Plummet
53:05 Inafune’s Got Some Gripes
58:15 Kotick’s Back!
1:02:40 PS3 Passes Wii in 2010 in Japan
1:05:19 Pokemon B&W Sold HOW MUCH?
1:06:05 TGS Details
1:08:16 Batman Arkham City—More Details
1:12:15 MJ MMO

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