The Press Room Episode #88

Date 2011-03-02

Yodariquo and Dvader bring you a not-quite-GDC show, covering Mass Effect 2, Back to the Future, and more! Strap in, and Yoda… DROP THE BOMB


28:15 3DS: Most Uneventful System Launch Ever (?)
28:30 400,000 3DS units sold day one
29:30 CVG 3DS Review
31:38 Kotaku 3DS Review
34:00 3DS hacked already
35:40 GDC Starts, nothing happens
37:40 Does Kinect Cause Non-Slim Xbox 360s to RRoD?
40:00 PS3 shipments seized in Europe over LG lawsuit

43:25 Burger Time HD Coming to PSN!
44:33 Screen Gems acquires Devil May Cry movie rights
49:10 Ninja Gaiden teaser
50:20 Anarchy Reigns details

Community Focus
53:45 Charlie Sheen or Bill Gates?

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