The Press Room Episode #106

Date 2012-03-30

Shane (Aspro) and Tom (Foolz) Towers are back to host the 106th episode of The Pressroom. They give their hands-on impressions of Yakuza: Dead Souls (PS3), Mass Effect 2 (360), Yesterday (PC) and Real World Golf (PS2). Some mild gameplay and story spoilers are clearly indicated through the course of the show.

EVE Online Bully Kills Innocent Person
360 Used for Non-Gaming More Than Gaming
Journey Fastest Selling PSN Gamer EVAH!
Dyak: Used Games Hurt Developers FOOL!
Playstation 4 Rumors
Kojima Can’t Make Games
Whiny Baby Whines

Community Focus
Robio The Hipster

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The Press Room Episode #92

Date 2011-04-19

Yodariquo and Vader give their impressions of games like Enslaved (PS3), Mass Effect 2 DLC (PS3), Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC (PS3), El Shaddai Demo (PS3), Killzone 3 (PS3), Bioshock (PS3) and Starcraft II (PC) before getting into the gaming news of the week.

37:47 Project Cafe – Nintendo’s Next Console?
1:09:45 Crytek Would Like 8 GB of RAM in New Consoles
1:10:52 Rumored Wii Price-Drop to $150 USD

1:12:28 Capcom’s Annual Press Show – Captivate
1:27:52 New Sonic Game

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The Press Room Episode #88

Date 2011-03-02

Yodariquo and Dvader bring you a not-quite-GDC show, covering Mass Effect 2, Back to the Future, and more! Strap in, and Yoda… DROP THE BOMB


28:15 3DS: Most Uneventful System Launch Ever (?)
28:30 400,000 3DS units sold day one
29:30 CVG 3DS Review
31:38 Kotaku 3DS Review
34:00 3DS hacked already
35:40 GDC Starts, nothing happens
37:40 Does Kinect Cause Non-Slim Xbox 360s to RRoD?
40:00 PS3 shipments seized in Europe over LG lawsuit

43:25 Burger Time HD Coming to PSN!
44:33 Screen Gems acquires Devil May Cry movie rights
49:10 Ninja Gaiden teaser
50:20 Anarchy Reigns details

Community Focus
53:45 Charlie Sheen or Bill Gates?

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The Press Room Episode #86

Date 2011-02-12

Foolz and Dvader put together a tandem show, discussing Mass Effect 2, Darksiders, Klonoa 2, and Mark Ecko’s Getting Up:Contents Under Pressure. Also covered is the belated PSP2 news and impressions, Sony suing anything and everything, and the top 5 versions of stuff, care of robio.

24:00 Sony Announces NGP (PSP2)
35:50 Activision kills Guitar Hero
39:53 Sony Sues the World
41:35 LG Starts Patent Lawsuit War with Sony
42:40 Dark Souls announced with trailer

45:55 Activision to create Call of Duty “Digital Platform”
48:40 Bulletstorm – Not Call of Duty
50:45 Australian Game Sales Down
52:32 3DS Pricing in Australia – $349.99

Community Focus
53:50 Top 5 Classic Arcade Games (80s)
Top 5 Old Guys in Video Games
Top 5 Bald Dudes in Gaming
Top 5 SquareSoft Games
Top 5 Clowns in Video Games

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The Press Room Episode #85

Date 2011-01-21

Foolz, Dvader, DarthHomer and Yodariquo form the perfect quartet of gaming knowledge in another episode of The Press Room. The fab four give your the most interesting game news of the week as well as their hands-on impressions of the following games: Klonoa (Wii)SPOILERS 2 minutes through 3:30 minutes, Ass (Yoda), Little Big Planet 2 (PS3), Mass Effect 2 (PS3), DC Universe (PS3), Deadly Premonition (360), and Red Dead Redemption (PS3).

22:42 Final Fantasy 13-2 Announced
27:50 Three Dev Teams Working on Modern Warfare 3
29:38 Virtua Tennis 4 Revealed
33:04 Portal 2 PS3 Combatible With PC

35:55 3DS Release Information
39:00 Pachter: $249 for 3DS is Too Low
42:36 3DS Release Games (US)
50:25 3DS Non-game Features
55:31 Sony Suit Against GeoHot Delayed on Jurisdiction Grounds
56:59 BLOPS Servers May Shutdown Because of PS3 Hack

58:02 Pachter: Apple Will Surpass Nintendo in 3D
1:00:59 Pachter: 3DS Will Outsell PSP2
1:03:49 Pachter: Nintendo Has Completely Blown Wii 2 Strategy

Community Focus:
Red Patent Hangbag, for Hoboes

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