The Press Room Episode #80

Date 2010-11-15

Yodariquo and Aspro give first hand impressions of GoldenEye 007 (Wii), Dragon Quest IV (DS), Crackdown (360) and Too Human (360) before getting into the news of the week.

45:15 GT5 Dated!
47:16 NBA Elite 11 Cancelled
49:59 Nintendo Will Bring Un-released DS games to US
52:37 Dragon Quest 6 Cancelled?>
54:46 Nintendo has QA Approval? Since When?

58:08 Wii Exclusive Sonic Colors Opens With Good Reviews
59:59 Call of Duty: Black Ops News
63:45 Kinect News

Community Focus:
Does culture play a part in game development?

Running Time: 78:15
Approximate Size: 32.3 MB

Intro Music by Nestrogen
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The Press Room Episode #76

Date 2010-09-29

Yodariquo and DVader (and special guest Darth Homer) give their hands on impressions of Enslaved, Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, The World Ends With You, and Sony’s Move, before getting into the news of the week. Also, the most SHOCKING search term used to find yet!

14:03 Sony Targeting Hackers
18:44 Kotick Betrayed
22:11 EA Responds To Kotick
24:12 Capcom DLC More Effective Than Ads

30:08 NBA Elite and NBA Jam Drama
38:12 Little Big Planet 2 Little Delayed
39:54 NPD Lifetime Console Sales North America
42:47 Sonic 4 Priced and Dated
45:45 Castlevania Review Round-Up

Community Focus: Before the Nintedo Conference – Price Predictions

Running Time: 56:35
Approximate Size: 19.8 MB
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