The Press Room Episode #127

Date 2012-08-23

Shane “Aspro” and David “Dvader” return to host the 127th episode of The Pressroom. Hands-on Impressions of NSMB2 (3DS), Darksiders II (PS3), Mass Effect 3 (360),
Nintendo Power ceases publication after 24 years
Square May Be Teasing New World Ends With You Game
Kinect Price Dropped to $110 in US
Iwata: Handheld Market Not Shrinking
Steam Launching “Big Picture Mode”
OnLive Survives, Questions Remain
PS3 and Vita Cross Buy potential is ‘limited’, Sony admits
Sony closes Wipeout’s Studio Liverpool
Ars Reviews 3DS XL Hardware
BioWare Surveying for Dragon Age III
EA Boss Moore Says BioWare is Still “Great”
Yuji Naka Making Digimon Game
Major Nintendo Wii U press event in NYC on Sept 13
Last Week’s Japanese Sales

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