The Press Room Episode #43.0

Date 2010-01-10

Foolz and Yodariquo reveal a shocking truth (with comical results) in this week’s episode of The Pressroom.  Games discussed: FIFA 10, Disaster, Tekken 6, New Super Mario Brothers (Wii), Lost Winds: Winter of Melodia.


(17:23) Netflix Coming to Nintendo

(19:33) Big in Japan – Sales Numbers from the land of the rising sun.

(23:50) Rumor: Konami Working on Castlevania Collection

(25:58) XBLAA (Yes two A’s) Announced at CES

(27:23) Iwata Announces Amazing New Advances for DS!

(31:00) BOOM-Shakka-Lakka NBA Jam Returns!

(33:19) Tiger’s Wood Will Stay on EA – Frederick Explains.


(35:29) Wii Sells 3M Units in USA  in December. (And Whizzinator Summary)

(37:07) Criterion Making New SSX Game?

(38:54) EA Shuts down Servers
(42:15) Capcom Craps on Wii
(45:59) Metroid Collection Now Metroid Collectable.
(47:04) PES Button Lag? “Open Your Router” Says Konami.

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The Press Room Episode #35.0

Date 2009-11-08

darthhomer is back once again to lead in Dvader and Yodariquo on a slow news, but big game release week.


(39:13) No Doubt sues Activision over Band Hero use

(41:24) 3D Dot Game Heroes possible on Xbox 360


(42:58) 3D Dot Game Heroes includes Link clone on bonus disc

(47:54) Little Big Planet sequel would be “counter-productive”

(49:07) New Super Mario Bros. Wii reviews

(49:51) Dragon Age: Origins reviews


(54:35) Gamers sue Sony over alleged firmware brickings

(59:01) WiiWare demos may be on the way

(1:00:30) Baby and Me baby peripheral game

(1:01:30) WiiWaa plush toy peripheral game

We Be Trollin’

(1:04:50) Need Help for Christmas

(1:05:41) NfS Porsche: 3D setup.exe won’t start!

(1:06:02) what games developer would you like to work for

(1:07:49) Where the hell is the Twilight video game?

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