The Press Room Episode #37.0

Date 2009-11-22

We just keep pumping them out. Yodariquo hosts Dvader and Foolz for a startlingly concise show.


(30:22) Aonuma talks Zelda Wii

(37:55) Firm looking at class action lawsuit over Xbox 360 bannings

(41:47) FBI using PS3 clusters for password cracking


(45:38) Tony Hawk Ride not winning over reviewers

(46:36) Aliens vs Predator to support dedicated servers

(47:32) Steam has ~70 percent of the digital download market

(49:30) Infinity Ward considered aliens in Modern Warfare 2

(50:50) Marvelous lost money on Wii releases

(52:13) Square Enix CEO talks about Japanese gaming market


(54:16) Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition details

(58:14) LittleBigPlanet to add Sonic costumes

(59:40) Kaz Hirai opens the door for paid subscription model

(1:01:37) Pandemic closes its doors

Pachter Watch!

(1:02:12) Pachter vs. Reggie: The Ultimate Struggle

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