The Press Room Episode #47.0

Date 2010-02-07

Foolz, DarthHomer and Yodariquo return to talk about the following games: Mass Effect 2, Forza 3, Spider Man: Web of Shadows, Darksiders, Dragon Age, Aliens vs. Predator, Heavy Rain, FIFA 10, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Dark Void Zero and Pokemon Rumble.



(38:15) GTA Episodes Released to other consoles

(39:58) LA Noir Update

(41:31) The Who Superbowl

(43:22) EB Take a Stance on R18+

(46:33) Yakuza CE


(48:26) Sonic 4

(52:37) Rumour: Sonic in Super Mario Galaxy 2

(55:35) Bayonetta Sells Over a Million

(55:52) SEGA releases all its old games again


(57:28) Blaster Master

(58:33) Grinder multiplat, coming 2011

(1:00:11) Wii Injuries

(1:01:36) Could Pachter be right about new Nintendo console?

(1:03:00) Overkill Cheap

(1:04:15) White Knight Chronicles review watch

(1:05:58) Dante’s DLC Hell

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The Press Room Episode #36.0

Date 2009-11-15

NPD week! Dvader is absent :( But we have the other usuals with Darthhomer in the hosting chair along with Foolz and Yodariquo. Now what’s that sound?


(36:16) October 2009 NPD numbers

(55:40) Activision replaces Bond with new actor

(57:57) Dynamic Slash and Hotel Dusk 2

(1:00:14) Final Fantasy XIII gets official North American release date

(1:01:16) Resident Evil 5 Alternate Edition will be DLC in North America


(1:02:12) Pokemon Rumble announced

(1:02:55) Paint program coming to DSiWare

(1:03:33) Pizza Delivery Boy coming to Wii

(1:04:30) Keroro RPG announced

(1:05:21) Sony sued by blind gamer for not accomodating


(1:07:35) Endless Ocean 2 confirmed for Australian release

(1:08:20) Facebook for PS3 confirmed

(1:09:12) Motorbikes possible for Gran Turismo 5

(1:10:39) Darthhomer’s entry

Yodariquo’s entry

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