The Press Room Episode #96

Date 2011-06-06

Dvader and DarthHomer tell us about their experiences with Brutal Legend (PS3), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Dragonball: Evolution (PSP), Dead or Alive Paradise (PSP) and Powergig: Rise of the Sixth String before previewing the upcoming E3 Convention.

16:44 CDProjeckt Announces Witcher 2 for 360
17:42 GoG Signs Up Some Old EA/Origin Games
18:13 Konami’s Show Was Not a Trainwreck
20:10 Konami’s Transfarring, Silent Hill, Zone of the Enders FOX Engine and MGS Announcements
29:01 Batman Arkham City Trailer, Cat Woman Playable
29:54 Uncharted 3 Trailer
31:03 Uncharted: Golden Abyss for NGP
33:07 NGP is Vita
34:21 WipeOut 2048
34:36 Super Stardust Delta
35:14 Capcom Drops Insane PC DRM for SF4:AE
36:30 Papo and Yo deals with Controverial Subject Matter
38:38 Yu Sukuzi’s Kinect Fighting Game
41:12 SoniC Generations! No News,just, you know…
41:35 Darksiders 2 Announced
43:35 Star Wars Kinect
46:04 Disney Kinect Game
48:43 Next Nintendo Controller Will Have 6 Inch Screen
51:01 Kotaku’s Microsoft E3 Leak
55:24 Game Informer Thinks the Next Nintendo will be called ‘Nintendo’.

Community Focus
56:18 Sonic 2 Challenge

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