The Press Room Episode #67.0

Date 2010-07-11

After talking about console hardware failures Yodariquo, DarthHomer and DVader give first hand impressions of such games as Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir, America’s Test Kitchen: Red Roasted Potatoes, Deca Sports Cheerleading, Nier, Prince of Perisa: The Forgotten Sands and X-Com.

16:49 EA and Bioware Confirm Dragon Age 2
19:39 Blizzard’s Real ID Foible
21:36 NBA Jam for HD Consoles
23:30 GTA: Vice City Release in Australia?
25:00 Video Chat Functionality in Pokemon B&W
26:54 Driver SFO Coming out in 2011

27:24 NPD
33:04 Castlevania Gameplay Video
36:23 Infamous 2 Footage
38:03 Sonic Hats For Everyone!
38:53 Pacter Predicts Halo-Killer from Respawn
39:32 GT5 Online Mode Detailed

40:57 Blockbuster Video to be delisted from NYSE
44:42 Kinect Burger King Partnership
46:14 Club Nintendo Gold and Platinum Rewards revealed

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The Press Room Episode #3.0

Date 2008-11-29

Darthhomer scams you into listening for another week, along with Foolz, Yarcofin and Yodariquo. PS: Prince of Persia sucks.

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