The Press Room Episode #60.0

Date 2010-05-08

In this week’s podcast Yodariquo, Dvader and Foolz  talk about such games as GTA4: Lost and the Damned, GTA4: The Ballad of Gay Tony, Rabbids Go Home and Resident Evil 5.

15:49 Black Wii confirmed for May 9
17:09 Nintendo tops its console and handheld sales records
19:34 Reggie says: Apple has no impact
22:57 Wii Party unveiled
26:51 First annual Canadian Videogame Awards
30:05 OFLC shuts down pre-release info

31:55 Nintendo Could Charge for Online?
34:54 Doom 4 will show id’s Potential
37:24 Infinity Ward Working on CoD
39:14 UbiShop
40:04 EU to move ahead with ACTA

43:12 Little Big Planet 2 Revealed
46:36 Game Informer’s Scores
47:47 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Reviews
54:14 Alan Wake Reviews
56:22 Lost Planet Reviews
58:11 RE5 Director Takeuchi Won’t Be Allowed to Touch RE6
59:56 Capcom’s Profits Plunge
1:02:04 Metal Gear Launches in Japan, But Loses Out to Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2
1:04:26 God of War Returns to the PSP

1:06:32 PachterWatch

Running Time: 1:15:22
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The Press Room Episode #59.0

Date 2010-04-30

In this week’s podcast Yodariquo, Dvader, Foolz and Igabobovic (with guest appearance of Freehostgator) talk about such games as Endless Ocean 2, Castlevania 3, Heavy Rain, FIFA X, Raving Rabbids Go Home and then get to the gaming news of the week (in addition to an audio recording of a gangban. (That’s Gang-BAN).



16:06 Black Wii is Still Coming

17:10 Bungie Teaming with Activision

24:21 Sony Faces Class Action Lawsuit

31:25 Videogames and the Media


42:34 Halo 2 Still Going

43:00 Wii Price Drop For Aus/NZ

45:58 RZA Doing mo-cap for DJ Hero 2

48:00 Surfer Girl 360 Rumours


51:00 Treyarch Announces Call of Duty: Black Ops


55:34 Force Unleashed 2 Announced

59:30 Red Steel 3 Kerfuffle

1:06:25 Castlevania HD – IGA CONFIRMS! (that it is fake)

Running Time: 1:22:39

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The Press Room Episode #57.0

Date 2010-04-16

While DarthHomer and Yodariquo take a spell, Dvader, Foolz and Igabobovic stitch together a podcast and talk about NPD, Games as Art and such games as Final Fantasy 13, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rabbids Go Home, RedSteel 2, Boom Blox 2, Endless Ocean 2, Okami,

NOTE: On this week’s podcast there are some audio quality issues with Iga’s track, though it does get better as the cast goes on.

23:49 Blazblue to PC 
24:28 No More Free Demos 
26:05 Sony not going to offer PS3 Refunds 
28:25 Deus Ex 3’s Distinctive Art 
29:02 Gen 1 Xbox Live Over 
30:37 MGS 2 on Japanese Virtual Console 

31:30 NPD (Google it)
42:00 General Discussion of Red Steel 2’s Commercial Failure.
43:00 General Discussion of Third-Party Sales on Wii

41:10 X-Com Returns to Gaming…as an FPS

53:33 Gears of War 3 Trailer

55:27 Demons’ Soul’s is Coming to Europe 

58:19 Devil May Cry 5 May Be Made By Losers Who Made Heavenly Sword 
59:39 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pictures and News 
1:03:17 Phantom Leo Says the Black Wii is Coming (Might not want to google that)
1:04:19 Games as Art Discussion

Running Time: 1:12:21
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