The Press Room Episode #128

Date 2012-08-31

Listen for how to win a copy of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Derek “Yodariquo” and Tom “Foolz Towers” host the 128th episode of The Pressroom. This week we have hands-on impressions of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 (PS3), Papo & Yo (PS3), A Virus Named Tom (PC), Awesomenauts (PC), 1953 – KGB Unleashed (PC), Rayman Origins (PS3), Starcraft II and Borderlands (PC).

MGS News With Guest Host David “Dvader”
MGS Conference Summary
What it Looked Like
Vehicle Control
Wii U News
U Latency
Frag Dolls Get U
And the rest…
Majora’s Mask 3DS?
Funcom’s Secret World Flops
New Taiko Drum Master for Wii
New Game From Dead Island Team
Binding of Isaac Heading to Consoles
Another Team ICO Member Quits
Former Team Bondi Boss Announces Next Project
Shin Megami Tensei 4 Trailer for 3DS
Critical Reception
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
FFVII (Eurogamer)
FFVII (Destructoid)
Community Focus
Franchises You Love That You Don’t Want Sequels To

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The Press Room Episode #123

Date 2012-07-27

Tom “Foolz” Towers of, Derek “Yodariquo” and ” David “Miamiwesker” Dvader host the 123rd episode of The Pressroom. Along with the week’s news, hands-on impressions are given of Resident Evil 6, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Rayman Origins, Left 4 Dead, Metro 2033, 999, the Zelda Symphony Concert and Sony’s 26 inch 3D TV.

EA’s Proposed Anti-trust Settlement
EA Now Australia’s Largest Developer
Final Fantasy 13-Versus Still Alive
More on Demise of 38 Studios
Steam: People Have More Crappy Computers Than Before
Square Announces Another Final Fantasy Project
Mercury Steam Done with Castlevania After next Two Games
Microsoft Cancels Flight and Project Columbia
Gabe Newell: Windows 8 a Catastrophe for OEMs
Ubisoft: Next Gen HD Consoles Need Controller Innovation
Pachter: The Wii Was a Fluke

Community Focus
Leo, “IMHO”

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The Press Room Episode #122

Date 2012-07-16

Tom “Foolz” Towers and Shane “Aspro” Kardasian host the 122nd episode of The Pressroom. Besides the news we talk about the average retail experience in Australia and also give hands-on impressions of Rayman: Origins (PS3), Trine (PC), Kingdom Hearts (PS2), Borderlands (PS3) and Killzone 2 (PS3).

41:02Ouya Continues to Break Funding Records
44:56Photos of New PS3 Emerge
47:26Developer Defends U’s Power
51:15 Discussion of Australian Game Retailing
57:22Deadpool Game Confirmed (We demonstrate our utter ignorance—shamelessly).
59:08Grand Theft Auto 5 Screens
1:00:573DS Will Be Sold at Profit
1:03:22EA Would Love to Publish Amalur 2
1:04:42Halo 4 Bundle Shown
1:06:47Anarchy Reigns Bombs in Japan
1:10:54June NPD
1:15:08Sonic Adventure 2 HD
1:15:20Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection Announced
1:16:36Gears of War: Judgment Dated
1:16:42Pathetic New Releases

Community Focus
Hobo CUPdate
If Not Gaming Then What?
Opinion Buddy System

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The Press Room Episode #108

Date 2012-04-13

Tom (Foolz) Towers and Shane (Aspro) are back to host the 108th episode of The Pressroom. Hands-on impressions of Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, Odium, Freedom Force, Final Fantasy 7, The Thing, Final Fantasy 9, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Septerra Core, Yakuza: Dead Souls, Rayman, Urban Chaos: Riot Response and Crash Bandicoot. We also come up with an alternate numbering system for 1 through 8.

3DS Remake of Zelda: Link to the Past Mentioned by Miyamoto
March NPD
Zenimax Trademarks Silly Phrase
Super MArio 4 Site Registered by Nintendo
Pokemon Black & White 2 is Actually New?
Most Anticipated Games of 2012
BulletStorm 2 Cancelled
Blesinski Defends Reality of On-Disc DLC
Molyneux Trapped in Creative Padded Cell
Eurogamer/ Molyneux Mutual Appreciation Interview

Community Focus
Forgotten Cult Classics Thread of Revival
The Thread of Unlikely Crushes: Have you ever fancied someone you shouldn’t have?

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