The Press Room Episode #74.0

Date 2010-09-12

Yodariquo and DVader check into the Press Room to cover the news of the week. DVader also gives his hands-on impressions of Metroid: Other-M (Wii) as well as a review of the movie, Resident Evil Afterlife.

22:46 NPD Results

31:23 Machinarium Announced for Wii
33:53 Famitsu Gives Pokemon B&W Perfect Score
PayPal Hanging Onto Indy Game Developer’s Money
38:17 Rare Wanted Kinect
40:40 Zynga Bigshot Says ‘Do Evil’

Even More Dvader
42:30 Playstation Turns 15, Disses SEGA
46:00 XBLA Price Increase
47:40 Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown
49:04 Uncharted 2 DLC Being WOrked On
50:45 Mega Man Universe Shown

Running Time: 60:43
Approximate Size: 21.3 MB
Intro Music by Nestrogen
Outro Music by Spamtron

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