The Press Room Episode #124

Date 2012-08-03

It’s a NAFTAcast (No Australians at all) with Derek “Yodariquo” from Canada, David “Miamiwesker” Dvader from the US and special guest SteelAttack filing from Mexico to present the 124th episode of The Pressroom. Along with the week’s news, hands-on impressions are given of Borderlands (PS3), Alan Wake (360), Starcraft II’s 1.5 Patch (PC), The Witcher (PC) and Recettear (PC).

Aussie Government Looking into Price Gouging on Tech Items
Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Announced
New ‘Game Genie’ for PS3
Sony Financials
Weekly Japanese Sales Update
Dead Space 3 Pre-Ordering Brisk
Old Republic Going Free To Play
Activision’s Performance
Linux Left4Dead Running at Higher Framerate
RE6 Details Revealed

Community Focus
Most Addictive Game

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The Press Room Episode #69.0

Date 2010-07-26

We return to our IHOP format (International House of Podcast) with Foolz in Australia joining Special Guest SteelAttack from Mexico and host Dvader from Miami to give hand-on impressions of (The recently updated multiplayer) Uncharted 2 (PS3), Red Steel 2 (Wii), Love (PC), Coma (PC), Achievement Unlocked (PC) (Links for these free games are provided below), Little Big Planet (Ps3), Resident Evil 5 (PS3), Pro Evolution Soccer Ten (Wii), FIFA X (PS3) and Sonic 2 (Genesis).

29:19 Comic Con Capcom News – Streetfighter V Tekken
37:22 Mega Man Universe (No link, there was no news).
38:32 Mega Man Legends 3
40:35 Bungie News
43:49 Boba Fett in SW:TFU
44:56 Marvel Gauntlet
45:30 Tactics Ogre PSP
45:50 Kinect Priced
55:49 Sony Move News
1:05:32 PachterWatch

1:21:40 $35 Laptop

1:23:16 Starcraft II To Sell 7 Mill in 12 Months?

Community Focus:

Why Do You Keep Up On Gaming News?

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Coma Game
Loved Game
Acheivement Unlocked Game

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The Press Room Episode #21.0

Date 2009-07-05

It’s the poor-quality cast!  Jamie loses his recording, so you can hear classic-style Skype quality sound!  Gancho!  Darthhomer, Dvader, Foolz, Yodariquo, and SteelAttack.

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The Press Room Episode #11.0

Date 2009-03-28

Despite a new Zelda, new MGS, Final Fantasy on VC, and all of GDC, there’s only one game that matters: Ass Combat.  Darthhomer, Foolz, Yodariquo, Dvader, Iga_Bobovic, and SteelAttack.

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