The Press Room Episode #58.0

Date 2010-04-25

Yodariquo with Dvader and Foolz bring you an hour of madness brought upon us by Lonnie Anderson.


(21:00) Super Table Flip

(23:35) Ubisoft’s endless DRM disaster

(24:35) Ubisoft’s DRM completely cracked

(26:32) Ubisoft kills off game manuals

(30:20) Capcom pulls an Ubisoft


(36:50) Metroid Other M and Sin & Punishment delayed

(43:30) Arkham Asylum 2 character announcements


(47:37) Marvel vs Capcom 3 announced

(51:10) Mike Hayes calls his comments inappropriate in third person

(53:15) Adventures of PB Winterbottom released, $5 on Steam

(54:46) Matt Casamassina leaves IGN for Apple

Community Focus

(59:04) Happy Birthday Bugs/GG

Pachter Watch!

(1:00:28) Xbox Live “Platinum”

Search term of the week

McVeiny Murderer



Intro Music by Nestrogen

Outro Music by Spamtron

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