The Press Room Episode #76.1 - 3DS Special

Date 2010-09-29

DVader and Darth Homer Host a Special Edition of The Press Room covering the Nintendo 3DS Conference.

Also included are hands on impressions of Civ 5, Lost Planet 2, Golden Sun, Shenmue 2, The World Ends With You and Kane and Lynch 2.

Plus, in a Nintendo Conference exclusive, the latest dish on Australia’s Top Model!

Running Time: 1 Hour
Approximate Size: 21 MB

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The Press Room Episode #76

Date 2010-09-29

Yodariquo and DVader (and special guest Darth Homer) give their hands on impressions of Enslaved, Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, The World Ends With You, and Sony’s Move, before getting into the news of the week. Also, the most SHOCKING search term used to find yet!

14:03 Sony Targeting Hackers
18:44 Kotick Betrayed
22:11 EA Responds To Kotick
24:12 Capcom DLC More Effective Than Ads

30:08 NBA Elite and NBA Jam Drama
38:12 Little Big Planet 2 Little Delayed
39:54 NPD Lifetime Console Sales North America
42:47 Sonic 4 Priced and Dated
45:45 Castlevania Review Round-Up

Community Focus: Before the Nintedo Conference – Price Predictions

Running Time: 56:35
Approximate Size: 19.8 MB
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The Press Room Episode #75

Date 2010-09-22

DVader, Aspro and DarthHomer give first hand accounts of such games as Vanquish (PS3), Valkyria Chronicles 2, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP), Prof. Layton 3 (DS), Tales of Vesperia (360), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii), SimCity 3000 (PC), The World Ends With You (DS) and Chili Con Carnage (PSP) before going on to hit the latest news of the week.

45:38 3DS Hardware Details Revealed
50:52 Capcom Profits Plummet
53:05 Inafune’s Got Some Gripes
58:15 Kotick’s Back!
1:02:40 PS3 Passes Wii in 2010 in Japan
1:05:19 Pokemon B&W Sold HOW MUCH?
1:06:05 TGS Details
1:08:16 Batman Arkham City—More Details
1:12:15 MJ MMO

Running Time: 1:23:10
Approximate Size: 29.2 MB
Intro Music by Nestrogen
Outro Music by Spamtron

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