The Press Room Episode #68.0

Date 2010-07-18

Yodariquo and Dvader give hand-on impressions of Jam Sessions 2 (DS) before going into the news of the week, NPD Analysis and a special movie reviews of Interception and Toy Story 3.

5:29 June NPD
27:10 Rockstar /2K Layoffs
32:07 Mega Man Universe Trailer
36:02 New James Bond Game
39:13 Sunsoft Virtual Console Games

40:00 Playstation Move SKUs detailed
43:21 Mark Rein Strikes Again
45:53 Tim Schafer on Bobby Kotick
47:12 The World’s Stupidest Solution to Piracy

Community Focus:
Nintendo Downloads for 7/19/10
Movie of the Year Picks

Approximate Running Time: 1:22:01
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Intro Music by Nestrogen

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