The Press Room Episode #133

Date 2012-10-12

Shane “Aspro” and David “Dvader” return to host the 133rd episode of The Pressroom. Hands-on impressions of X-COM: Enemy Unknown (360), and Blue Dragon (360).

September NPDs
Sony Store Gets a Makeover
GTA5 Game Informer’s December Cover
Rayman Legends Pushed Out of Wii U Launch Window
Reviews Roundup
new Releases This Week – Crazy Huh?
Valve Recruiting Hardware Testers
RE6 On-Disc DLC is FREE
RE6 Sells a LOT in Japan
So What’s Up With Epic?
Wii U Factory es en Fuego!
PS3 Lifetime Sales Yo.
Aspro Rants on Kevin Butler BS

Community Focus
Leo wants Us To Talk About Borderlands 2 So We Do.


Intro Music by Nestrogen

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