The Press Room Episode #138

Date 2013-09-15

0:01:40 It Sounded French-Canadian

What We’ve Been Playing
0:03:00 Rayman: Legends, Wii U(Rob)
0:14:05 Crysis, PC (Yoda)
0:21:10 Steamworld Dig, 3DS (Rob)
0:29:05 Yoda Takes Umbrage
0:31:55 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, SNES (Yoda)

0:42:05 Final Fantasy XIV

0:44:05 NPD
0:48:05 WoW Revenues Drop 54% in Seven Months

Yoda Calls Time Out
0:51:15 Disney Infinity: DLC The Game

More News
0:55:15 Gran Turismo 6 and 7 News
0:59:35 Xbox One to “castrate” PS4 development, developers suggest
1:02:35 Sony’s Hardware Announcements
1:13:58 Capcom? More like Capbomb!

Community Focus
1:19:22 Have you ever Kickstarted? Would you ever consider it?

1:29:28 Rob’s Dark Secret

Produced By Phil Fogg

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